Open to all competitors, family, friends and supporters, who want to join in and socialise with the Kneeboard Surfing community.
-Surfing NZ will facilitate all running of competitive event.
-Kneeboard Surfing NZ will assist SNZ & run all social events.
Thursday 27 February.
Early arrival registration.

South Coast Board Riders Club (SCBRC). 4.pm til 6.pm.


Friday 28 February.
Early arrivals registration 3.pm till 5.30.pm SCBRC

- 6.pm Super Rugby Match. 
- Meet at Emerson's Breweries for pre-game drinks then to Forsyth Barr Stadium to watch Highlanders vs Rebels for those who are keen. Tickets can be sourced at the gates.
- SCBRC will also be open.

Saturday 29 February.
Parade - 4.pm

All teams and competitors to assemble at the Salt Pools on the St Clair Beach esplanade. 
New Zealand team will march first, all other countries will follow in alphabetical order. Please bring team uniforms and country flags. Powhiri/cultural and civic welcome.
- Registrations to continue afterwards.
- Contest head judge introduced, will brief all Kneeboard Surfers and managers on the contest criteria for these titles. (non-English speaking countries must have a translator if possible).
- Meet and Greet night.

Sunday 1st March.
Expression session at St Clair Beach. - 12pm

Showcasing Kneeboard Surfing and progression of sport. 
- Bring retro and furturistic boards (1 fin, twin fin, multi fins).
- Secret judging. Spot Prizes.
- 4.pm Après Surf at SCBRC. Board raffles to begin.
- 5.pm Delegates Meeting to discuss Kneeboard Surfing World Titles moving foward. Two delegates, to represent each country at meeting. Jim Brown to chair meeting.

Monday 2 March.
7.am Contest Begins. 

Surfing NZ will provide all contest information, heat draws and venue for day.
- 4.pm Après Surf, SCBRC.
- 7.pm Kneeboard Surfing Industry and Shapers forum night. Discussion about trends in Kneeboard Surfing. 
Feat. Top Kneelo Shapers and Surfers. Q & A.
Hosted by Kelvin Weir.
- Board Raffles cont. & Spot Prizes.


Tuesday 3 March
7.am Contest continues.

- 4.pm Après Surf, SCBRC. Board raffles cont.
- 6.pm 2020 Kneeboard Surfing World Titles 'Still Water Classic'. St Clair Beach Salt Water Pools.
Swimming teams of 4. Heats & Finals, Spot Prizes.

Wednesday 4 March

7.am Contest continues.

- 4pm Après Surf, SCBRC. Board raffle cont.
- 6-7pm Golf night. Hit for the island green “Hole in One challenge” and win $10k.
- Food and drink available for purchase. Sponsors prizes.


Thursday 5 March

7.am Contest continues.
- 4.pm Après Surf, SCBRC. Board raffle cont.
- 6.pm Greyhound and Harness night Racing at Forbury Park Raceway. Excellent food and bar facilities. Come have a bet!


Friday 6 March

7.am Contest continues. (Possibility of some finals)
- 4.pm Après Surf, SCBRC. Board raffle draws, must be there to win it!
- 7.pm World Kneelos team Darts competition, SCBRC. Two in each team. Dress up: Op Shop attire. Spot Prizes and sponsors products.
- Possible Kareoke challenge.


Saturday 7 March

- 3.pm Après Surf, SCBRC.
- 5.pm Prize Giving and Closing ceremony at Forbury Park Raceway Complex. Dinner and refreshments available.
- Farewell by SNZ. 
- KSWT dates and location announcement for next World Titles.


Sunday 8 March
12.pm Social surf/Hair of the dog session at SCBRC.

- Mix and Mingle for the last time.

*Events subject to change. Get involved, get along and enjoy the Kneelo Surfing community and culture.
If you would like to be a part in helping to run some of these social events, send this page a message! The more help we can get the better.